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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

'In Seconds' by Brenda Novak

What's about?
With her young family Laurel Hodges wants more for her children, but being on the run from a gang called ‘The Crew’ normalcy is in short supply. Determined to settle down for her two children Pineview Montana seems like a great place to start a new life as Vivan. But when one of Pineview’s residents is beaten to death, Laurel can’t help but think ‘The Crew’ has found her...again

What did I think? 

I stumbled across the first book in Novak’s Bulletproof series ‘Inside’ a few months ago and thoroughly enjoyed it. When searching through NetGalley for some new books to review, I was extremely pleased when I saw ‘In Seconds’ the second book in the series. With a fast beating heart I sent in my request, and my journey with Laurel and a surprise new love interest continued.

I’ve enjoyed these characters from the beginning of the series, and loved getting wrapped up in the Hodges/Skinner families again. I was so pleased Novak brought Virgil and Peyton (from book: Inside) back to graced the pages of ‘In Seconds.’ The bond between this brother and sister duo is absolutely wonderful, even from a distance these two characters want what is best for one another and it come across the page loud and clear.

There really isn’t much I would change about ‘In Seconds’. I didn’t feel it had as much intensity as it’s predecessor, but it was still fast paced but in a different way. The one thing I wish Novak explored a little more was the incident that forced the Hodges/Skinner families to leave Witness Protection, instead it just seemed to be skirted around. I wanted to dig right in there, and find out how they were found and learn more about the incident. I started to wonder if maybe it was mentioned in the first book, or maybe I just missed it in this one, but I don’t think I did as skimming over this book would have been crime. If your a fan of Brenda Novak, or great romantic suspense novels, you need to get your hands on the Bulletproof series, they are well worth the read!

How many stars?

Expected publication: August 30th 2011 by Mira
ISBN: 0778312445 (ISBN13: 9780778312444)
Mass Market Paperback: 400 pages

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