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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Every Move She Makes by Beverly Barton

What's this one about?
Everyone knows that a Southern girl from a good family should keep her distance from a bad boy like Reed Conway, but the sexy ex-con is hard to resist. Ella Porter, adopted daughter of Alabama senator Webb Porter, knows that giving in to temptation could be dangerous to more than just her reputation. Years ago, just after Reed was convicted of murdering his stepfather, he sent her strange, troubling letters from prison, and now, right after his release, letters start coming again. Yet when Ella (who may have been raised to be a lady but is no coward) confronts Reed, he denies writing them and insists that he was innocent of the murder as well. Reed swears that if they can find the person behind the letters, they'll also find the real murderer and prove that Reed was framed for the crime. Before Ella can wonder who decided that she and Reed should be an investigative team, she and her self-proclaimed partner are passionately involved in a search that leads them ever deeper into danger and desire.

What did I think?

Before I started reading 'Every Move She Makes' I read 'Close Enough to Kill' which was a complete disappointment for me. I vowed I'd give Beverly Barton's books one last chance to win me over, and if it fell short I'd cut my losses and move on. 

A few days ago I was looking for a book in my collection, and came across 'Every Move She Makes'. My first thought was to put it back and find the book I was originally looking for, and then I thought, "Well, no time like the present" and started reading. I'm pleased to report I was instantly hooked!

In every book I'm a sucker for character development and believe if you (the reader) don't form some sort of attachment to the characters, the book will fall short. In 'Every Move She Makes' I really enjoyed how Barton developed both first and secondary characters. She even went to the length of giving the reader a little bit of back story on tertiary characters--i.e. Heather (the BF) and Roy (the Custodian). She made each character believable, and at no point was I tempted to skip a few pages as a character didn't interest me.

I also enjoyed the mysteries with in 'Every Move She Makes'. Not only was I trying to figure out the normal 'who dunnit' part of the novel--which I didn't figure out. Barton also added the extra component of trying to figure out who Ella's biological parents were--which I did figure out. I enjoyed having two mysteries to chase after with each page turn. Obviously the who-dunnit part was the bigger mystery and the books bigger focus, but it was nice to have a secondary mystery to focus on.

So where does that leave my reading relationship with Beverly Barton? Well, I'm gonna say bring on another one, and well go from there. I did find this book a little more sexually explicit than some of her others books, and found some words choices distasteful.

How many stars?

[Beverly Barton's Website]

Published by: Zebra
ISBN: 0821780182 (ISBN13:9780821780183)
Mass Market Paperback: 382 pages

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